One day I made the fatal mistake of visiting Blackpool. Before this I had watched the TV show, Viva Laughlin and Blackpool. Viva Laughlin was the American version that starred Hugh Jackman and other people I don’t know, but I thought it was the greatest show to exist – it was really bad, much worse than some of the singing shows we have on now-a-days’. I learned it was based on a British show, and the excitement that overcame me when I found out who starred in it was indescribable. If you have never heard of David Tennant, it’s fine, he only played the tenth doctor after all – he’s my second favourite doctor, Tom Baker played the fourth doctor. You should consider watching Doctor Who, you won’t be disappointed. I began watching it back in the year 1999 maybe 2000 and later when re-runs were shown.  We watched Dr. Who and Quantum Leap because we’re big into science fiction.  Anyway, David Tennant and David Morrissey were two of the most famous faces on that show. So I assumed it would not be the worst show, and, oh how I was so wrong.

I don’t know why I agreed to go to Blackpool but I did, it was a disgusting place. Apparently, it is the Vegas of the North. I’d recommend not going to Blackpool and head to Vegas because at least then it won’t be freezing. That’s all I have for today’s post. There is also some pictures of some other place I went to as well, by some, I mean two.












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